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The Better bank is one of the strongest pillars in the German financial sector. Approx. 50 million customers have bank accounts with a branch or branch – more than every second German citizen. No wonder that the savings banks are also a frequent point of contact when it comes to credit cards.

The savings banks were primarily created in the second half of the 19th century. The distinguishing features of the financial institutions are their public law status and their close local roots. Most savings banks are still active at the level of city and rural districts. There they offer their customers the entire range of banking services – with a special focus on private and medium-sized corporate customers.

With still a good 10,000 branches, the savings banks have the densest branch network in Germany in addition to the Car bank and nice credit bank and are therefore present across the board, with increasing emphasis on online banking.

Although almost all savings banks belong to the same financial group, they are legally and to a large extent independent institutions in terms of business policy. This also applies to the offer of credit cards, in particular for pricing. The organization can only provide general guidelines here, the specific design of the offer is decided on site.

With this in mind, we can only give you a general overview of the savings banks’ credit cards at this point.

On offer: Mastercard and Visa

On offer: Mastercard and Visa

Most savings banks offer their customers either Mastercards and Visa credit cards. Keeping a current account with the respective savings bank is a normal requirement for using the card. Some institutes limit their offer to a card company, predominantly the MasterCard is preferred. Mastercard is the card system that is somewhat more widespread worldwide with around 35 million acceptance points, Visa has around 24 million acceptances. When using ATMs, both card systems are almost equivalent. In Germany, Visa acceptance is slightly greater than that of Mastercard.

The Better bank credit cards usually cost an annual fee. This also applies to the basic and standard versions. Each institute determines the amount itself, in part the fee is linked to the respective account management model and/or the amount of card sales. Often there is the possibility to choose an individual motif – for an extra fee.

In the case of card disposals, a foreign transaction fee for foreign currencies is often calculated depending on sales. Euro disposals are mostly free of charge. Cash withdrawals from ATMs usually cost fees, with a distinction being made between Germany and abroad. A percentage of the withdrawal amount and a minimum fee (plus external fees, if applicable) are usual. Due to the cost structures, card fees tend to be higher than with direct and online banks, but it depends on the specific comparison.

Credit cards for private customers

Credit cards for private customers

There is a framework for the credit card offer, which has been adopted by many savings banks – some with modifications and their own names. It looks like this:

Basic and standard credit card:

The basic card is the prepaid version of the Better bankn credit card and only works on a credit basis. The card is also issued to minors – for example in connection with stays abroad. The standard card, on the other hand, is a “real” credit card with availability and monthly billing. It is only made available if certain creditworthiness criteria are met. In this basic configuration, the basic card and standard card are primarily geared towards cash withdrawals and cashless payments.

The Better bank silver convenience package can be provided in addition to the basic card or the standard card. It includes a number of additional services that offer advantages, especially when shopping online. The savings banks offer their customers a value-added portal through which many consumer goods, travel, events and vouchers can be purchased at discounted conditions when paying by card. The added-value portal contains regional and national offers. The comfort package also includes special Internet buyer protection with secure delivery protection and legal initial advice in the event of disputes in connection with online purchases.

The Gold comfort package is aimed primarily at users who use their credit card more frequently when traveling. It is also available as a supplement to the basic card and standard card. In addition to the equipment of the silver package, the Better bank offers a travel insurance package and a travel booking service in the gold version. The scope of these additional services depends on the type of credit card (Mastercard or Visa card) and the specific “filling” by the individual Better bank, as different cooperation partners are used here in some cases.

Many savings banks also offer other credit card variants or supplementary packages. For example, there is more often – for both the Mastercard and the Visa card – a platinum version that includes even more services (including concierge service, other advantages and benefits when traveling, additional insurance protection).

Credit cards for business customers

Credit cards for business customers

The Better bank BusinessCard is the solution for business customers. This is also a MasterCard or a Visa card with different equipment options (standard, gold, platinum). The additional services are staggered and structured in a similar way as in private customer business. Upon request, the cards are available with an individual company logo. A prepaid version (basic card) is also available for business customers.

Apply for Better bank credit cards

Apply for Better bank credit cards

Customers with an existing connection to a savings bank can usually apply for their credit card online. On the other hand, new customers can usually only arrange advice online. To apply, a visit to a branch on site in connection with the legitimation and an account opening is required.


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